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Mobile versions

6 July 2017
Filed under: Dotcom

The fic page is now mobile-friendly.

So is the error page (type in aroceu dot com forward slash whatever), which is also back up.

/fic reboot

6 July 2017
Filed under: Dotcom

/fic is a thing again! I still don’t like the way AO3 displays my fandoms, so this works. It also won’t give me anxiety to update.


4 July 2017
Filed under: General

Changed my main domain from to I’m paying too much for a domain I’m not that attached to (the truth comes out!) and I probably won’t renew it when the time comes again. Plus, is much ┬ámore representative of me.

But this means that I’ve got a shitton of broken links and broken other stuff and that’ll be a hassle to fix. Ugh.