/ F.A.Q.

Are these questions frequently asked?

Nope. You've been deceived.

What does "FUB+M/SB free" mean?

"FUB free!" is often used on Korean/Japanese Twitter; it basically means that you can follow, unfollow, or block the user at your own discretion. I employ it because I think it's a quick and easy way to get across that: you can curate your own online experience without consideration for me, and if that means following me, unfollowing me, or blocking me, then you are absolutely free to at your own discretion.

I also added M + SB here to stand for "mute" and "softblock" (force unfollowing; basically, blocking and then unblocking a user so that both of you are no longer following each other) because both are common in my Twitter circles. Either way, I find it convenient to let people know that they can interact, or stop interacting with me at any time — they don't owe me an explanation, and I won't come after them if they decide to unfollow me or block me or whatever.

Or follow me, I guess. The F part always kinda confused me.

What happened to your [website] blog(s)?

I've mostly given up on them; after roughly 10 years of trying to keep a regular blog and failing, I've decided that blogging just isn't for me. Of course, what this really means is that I've figured out that I'm bad at talking about my life and thoughts in a long-form fashion — the internet isn't rid of me (yet.) Anyway, I write more than I webdesign, and I webdesign more than I blog, so...

But I still visit friends' and strangers' sites because despite that I no longer have a blog, that certainly doesn't mean that I can't read others'.

What happened to the old subsections of your website?

I've become resigned to the fact that there are — or rather, were — many parts of my website that I had started, but will probably never finish. There are still parts that I am determined to complete (my OTP shrine, for example); but many of the subsections I've deleted are things that I knew I would no longer take seriously, much less particularly care about anymore.

What were your old websites?

Why do you call yourself Arrow now?

On the spelling change: I neither identify as aromantic now, nor care for such things. I am perfectly comfortable with being called "Aro" regardless because I know that it's how most people in my circles from 2014-2018 know me, and makes no significant difference to me.

In accordance with my RL name, I know quite a number of Alices online already, so it just gets confusing with mutual friends and whatnot. I was also uncomfortable when strangers and people I'd never talked to before used my name in auxiliary situations, so I decided that an alias would be a more comfortable choice - and it is.

What's the name of/How should I refer to this website?

Please refer to me or my website as aroceu or aroceu.com. I'm particular about being in all lowercase, but I suppose it really isn't absolutely necessary, just preferable.

(You can also refer to me by name if on a links/exits list — if linking to any part of this URL in particular, please call me Arrow.)