My fic is primarily hosted at Archive Of Our Own. The links to fandoms here will go out there. All my fic extras are on Dreamwidth at [personal profile] ceu.

Transformative Works Policy: I give permission for any derivative work of my own—fanart, podfic, remix, translation, whatever fits your fancy. I do ask that you please (a) let me know, and (b) link my original work (anywhere I posted anything) in your work.

Please do not post me or my fic on Goodreads. Do not repost my fic in full to any other site. If I wanted my fic to be there, I would post it there. If you try to add any of my fic to a non-event related collection on AO3, I will reject it; and you might want to use the AO3 bookmarking function instead.

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I didn't like how AO3 displayed my fic and fandoms so I decided to make this. Since I have over 300 works posted on AO3 (and that's not even all, I've deleted a bunch—sorry about that, by the way), I realize that that can make it difficult to navigate my AO3 fandoms section. I figured this was a much more practical way to view them.

This won't be regularly updated, as this doesn't link to individual fics, but just fandom tags, since I'm pretty good at remaining faithful to fandoms I've already written for. If you have fanart for my fic you want to be displayed here and I haven't caught it yet, feel free to hit me up.

If your art is here and you don't want it to be, you can contact me in the same way.

To inquire about commissions, shoot me a message as linked prior, or message me on Tumblr.


# Fanfiction Posted: 383
Word Count (overall): 3,319,219

  • 2008: 177,529 (6,575per)
  • 2009: 287,368 (3,089per)
  • 2010: 661,631 (1,969per)
  • 2011: 494,536 (2,842per)
  • 2012: 456,839 (3,217per)
  • 2013: 98,938 (3,533per)
  • 2014: 218,302 (2,990per)
  • 2015: 602,140 (4,068per)
  • 2016: 223,115 (2,565per)
  • 2017: 272,211 (6,049per)
  • Publicly Archived: 1,631,417

Total Fandoms: 41, + crossovers/crack fandoms
Posting Since: 2008

  • Haikyuu: 84 (317,115w)
  • Harry Potter: 35 (162,395w)
  • One Direction: 14 (148,447)
  • Pokémon: 14 (43,919w)
  • The Social Network: 41 (298,450w)
  • South Park: 15 (80,932w)
  • Super Junior: 65 (235,485w still posted; 501,994w total written)
  • Other: 100 (300,520)
  • Original: 1,098,718w

* stats not accounting for crossovers

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Thanks to

In my over ten years of fandom, I have made tons of friends whom I adore, whom I still talk to, whom I don't talk to that often, whom I talk to but not about fic/fandom, whom I hope to meet in person one day, whom I have met in person—and more. I could verily try to list everyone here but I'm not going to, but I just want you to know that if you're reading this and we're friends, I'm incredibly grateful to have you in my life.

Thanks also to my webdesign friends who don't do a thing for fandom but still host me anyway :)

And now to namedrop:

... renaissance (memorde) for being my fandom wife and an immensely talented person to regularly collaborate with.

... static-abyss for being the partner in crime who always enables me for the better, and who I can always rely on to scream to about new things we each get into.

... Christie for always being there to look over fic at last minute, and being my biggest cheerleader.

... Coz for being that rare, rare webdesign-fandom crossover friend and who I will cheerlead endlessly

... and to people who've previously been muses for fandoms I was active in before, and influences because of their immense talent: Cathy (The Social Network), Brixy (Super Junior, Bandom, Haikyuu!!), Ciry (Super Junior, Pokémon, sports anime in general), and Justin (kpop, South Park, Pokémon, original).

And, of course, anyone who has, will, or still reads my fic. I know that I am constantly growing and what I write may not be for everyone, but fanfiction is fun for me to write, and I am delighted by anyone who finds mine fun to read too! ♥