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but not this time by aroceu

1 Dec 2023
| | | | 920w

Pat and Pran go to Ikea.

desperate for attention by aroceu

1 Dec 2023
| | | | 2,411w

[A Pat/Pran X Factor AU. IYKYK]

be the one tonight by aroceu

1 Dec 2023
| | | | 432w

It felt like forever before Nanon could catch Ohm alone—that new boy he’d been working with was at Ohm’s side all night.

you remind me of a former love by aroceu

1 Dec 2023

[Ohm/Nanon Ryden AU. IYKYK]

when the wolves come out by aroceu

1 Dec 2023
| | | | 1,379w

[Hybrid dog!Pat and hybrid!cat Pran AU: A meeting of sorts.]

getting used to being held by you by aroceu

1 Dec 2023
| | | | 1,483w

Pat’s door was locked. Pran expected as much, but it still stung.

And maybe Pran was too drunk to know when to give up.

[The missing scene from episode 7]

second hand by aroceu

6 Aug 2023
| | | | 1,504w

Wai, Korn, and smoke breaks behind the bar.

like father, like daughter by aroceu

28 Jul 2023
| | | | 957w

She is a kid, a blonde teenage girl, a baby face and freckled cheeks. She’d be Gabriella’s age, maybe a bit younger now. Or older. It’s hard to know how many years have passed since Miguel went back. [A shortfic of Gwen’s initial confrontation with her father, from Miguel’s POV]

the islands we carry by aroceu

17 Jul 2023
| | | | 9,469w

Four summers, as told by Uncle Tong.

our bodies possessed by light by aroceu

10 Jun 2023
| | | | 4,778w

After sticking a chip into his mouth, Pat curls up close to Pran on the couch and asks, “Now that we’re behind the curtain, can we kiss as Pat and Pran?” (An extended Lays ad)