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second hand by aroceu

6 Aug 2023
| | | | 1,504w

Wai, Korn, and smoke breaks behind the bar.

like father, like daughter by aroceu

28 Jul 2023
| | | | 957w

She is a kid, a blonde teenage girl, a baby face and freckled cheeks. She’d be Gabriella’s age, maybe a bit younger now. Or older. It’s hard to know how many years have passed since Miguel went back. [A shortfic of Gwen’s initial confrontation with her father, from Miguel’s POV]

the islands we carry by aroceu

17 Jul 2023
| | | | 9,469w

Four summers, as told by Uncle Tong.

our bodies possessed by light by aroceu

10 Jun 2023
| | | | 4,778w

After sticking a chip into his mouth, Pat curls up close to Pran on the couch and asks, “Now that we’re behind the curtain, can we kiss as Pat and Pran?” (An extended Lays ad)


5 Jun 2023

WEN QING: You don’t seduce people, you find the business majors and try to get them to join a multi level marketing scheme. And then you eat them.

sound foundations by aroceu

3 Jun 2023
| | | | 4,057w

They make the house shake.

[What happened in Our Skyy 2 Ep2 pt 2/4]

dripped in gold by aroceu

14 May 2023

“You’re so ridiculous. Who knew that my wife would want to ravish me all the time?” Still, Wei Ying presses closer with the front of her body. Lan Zhan can feel where she’s wet. “My wife, my dragon.”

like a cold day in august by aroceu

12 May 2023
| | | | 5,872w

Pran mouths hia Pat under his breath, seeing his mouth form the words in the mirror. A pleased, guilty shiver crawls up his spine.

good things come in twos by aroceu

11 May 2023
| | | | 1,785w

Pat loves Pran’s tits. That’s it, that’s the fic.