Pieces Form The Whole

  • The Depositions: A Conflict of Interest
    • An analysis of Mark and Eduardo during the depositions—what they were trying to do to each other and what they expected from each other. As they don't necessarily directly interact during the depositions save for a few instances, this article is not considered a timeline of their interaction, but rather questioning their motivations in the time they spent discussing their past in front of a bunch of lawyers and litigators.
  • Blind Spot Justification
    • A lot of the time when I watch this movie with friends and others, the question at the tip of their tongue when we finish is often, "Why did Mark dilute Eduardo's shares to 0.03%? How could he be such an asshole?" Obviously I don't think this is something that can be fully justified, as such a business decision on Mark's part is equivalent to a metaphorical stab in the back. But I also think that I can see and understand his perspective that we don't see on screen—the sequence of events and the mindset that led to Mark screwing Eduardo out of his own company.
  • For Better or Worse
    • Discussing (and disparaging) some interesting accusations that Mark did Eduardo a favor in his dilution, or that Eduardo is at equal or more fault than Mark.
  • Third Wheel
    • Exploring the introduction and interference that Sean Parker played in the movie once he was introduced. Many people like to consider him "the mistress" to Mark/Facebook, as he represents something fun and indulging in Mark's pleasures and private interests to Eduardo's loyalty and dependability. There's also some (fictional) Sean apologism here, so if you don't like him, be warned of my fond tone.