• Before: Gentle Hum of Anxiety
    • Prior to the movie, Mark and Eduardo's friendship is already established—and yet, the movie moves forward at such a pace that there's little to no time to discuss the dynamic of their relationship beforehand. However, there are elements that we can speculate and analyze, including brief timelines and implied pre-movie events.
  • After: With Optimistic Outcome
    • In which the idea of reconciliation after the movie's end is discussed. There are several implications of the post-canon to their relationship—Eduardo gets restored to the masthead and as a stockholder in the company, they both work in business circles, and of course college begets mutual friends that they may keep. By the end of the movie, their relationship overcomes the final landmark in truly ending it—and yet, what are the possibilities afterward?
  • I need you / I'm here for you
    • Though the movie depicts a heteronormative narrative, nothing is impossible (especially if we read both Mark and Eduardo as bisexualor gay, if you prefer.) Thusly, here elements of the movie indicating that they could be, or even in-time are romantically interested in each other, are examined. The movie depicts a surface-level complementary, dependent give-and-take relationship—but the characters are much more complex than that, and so are the fundamentals of their relationship, which is built on a mutual admiration and respect, and as such can just as easily lead to a healthy romance, pseudo or otherwise.
    • But even considering on- or off-screen romantic involvement (including unrequited or hookups), our end is the way it is. So even then considers the romance after—after hookups or pining or a real breakup or absolutely nothing—after betrayal. There is always friendship, and there is also always love.
    • "Soft as it began—
      I loved my friend."
  • Symbols and Significance
    • In which the algorithm, Facebook, North Face, and other stuff that I will analyze once I actually write the timeline get discussed.
  • Artist on Art
    • Behind-the-scenes and interview meta from the cast and crew about Mark and Eduardo as depicted in The Social Network