Sparks Fly (fanvid)

Summary: Give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around.

Mirror Links: @ Archive of Our Own

Description: A fanvideo for Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian as depicted in The Untamed, to Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly.”

Notes: Miss Swift keeps having songs that I’m pretty sure are her anticipating what fandoms/ships I’ll get into and making me make a fanvid of them to said song. Ugh. Why is this whole drama just one long AMV

Significance of me using the audio for the “you’re my ‘bosom friend’/soulmate” scene explained here. (Well it explains the significance of the scene but that’s why I used the audio lol.)

please ignore captions they just came with the vids I downloaded


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Wonderland (fanvid)

Summary: Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?

Mirror Links: @ Archive of Our Own

Description: A fanvideo for Mark/Eduardo as depicted in the movie The Social Network, to Taylor Swift’s “Wonderland.”

Password: markwardo

Know Where To Run (fic, game)

Mirror Links: @ Archive of Our Own

Description: Know Where To Run is a text-based virtual fanfiction in the form of an interactive web game. The fic is a Last of Us AU featuring characters from Haikyuu!!, with the main characters and pairing being Kiyoko/Yui. It was submitted for the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2015 Main Round 2 as a response to the prompt “Sins & Virtues,” and achieved 3rd place out of 27.

Collaborators/Roles: Icie (code and writing), labocat (writing), sour_gummies (writing), feasted (brainstorming), myself (code/design/host, light writing)

Rating: Explicit, for sexual content and gore

Major Tags: Character deaths (off screen), gore – body horror and general violence, blood, body decay, spores and cordyceps-esque infections, mutilation – puncturing the skin, vomit, sexual content

Additional Tags: Zombies, rot and decay, food, needles

Summary: But if you listened, you could hear her heartbeat, as loud and as fast as your own. It’s a reminder you’re both alive.

Word Count: 3856w

Notes: Best viewed on desktop, tested in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Be patient as elements load. Hosted on both a personal server and domain. All codes and scripts are original. Please enable javascript. A static version (for mobile or otherwise) is also available.

“But we fight… for every second we get to spend with each other. Whether it’s two minutes, or two days… we don’t give that up. I don’t want to give that up.”
– Riley Abel, The Last of Us

Reccing on reccing

Description: Meta on reccing: how we rec in certain ways and why, and my opinions on them.

This was written sometime in 2015 (or maybe 2016) and I wanted to preserve it because I still strongly believe in certain aspects of it, but some minor comments may be outdated.