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is not intended to be a full name pseudoynm, just a small Xiaolin Showdown reference.

dick iceluge

(my twitter display name) is a reference to Psych (S8E3).

"we're all the real housewives of somewhere" (header/subheader in various places, including AO3 profile and Dreamwidth) is also a reference to Psych (S6E9). Hilariously enough neither of these are from my favorite episode, which is "Last Night Gus" (S6E2).

"sweaty balls under desert skies" (header/subheader in various places, including Tumblr and Dreamwidth) is a reference to a misheard lyric in Panic! at the Disco's "LA Devotee," originally as a Youtube comment that was not mine. I just saw it and found it hilarious.

as the love [fills up] our lungs (index) is a line from Neon Jungle's Braveheart. Previous lyrics I've used are: now [the devil] won't leave me alone (Panic! at the Disco's Turn Off The Lights), what [becomes of] curious minds (Taylor Swift's Wonderland), and this is only the greatest story ever told (Panic! at the Disco's Trade Mistakes.)

"in my roaring 20s" (what I often use to describe my age if I don't feel like stating it directly) is a reference to Panic! at the Disco's "Roaring 20s."


for my icons: (These were all commmissioned by me and are prohibited for any personal, much less commercial use.)
(I just really love Yiling Laozu!WWX okay)

and for retired icons:


is a name that I created and has no fannish or external basis or even language root. The username is comprised of letters that each are significant to me, including the order in which the letters are presented in the username.

My neuroticism to be as entirely self-made as possible, combined with my developed hatred of multiword usernames (for myself!) and general avoidance of having an internet pseudonym tied to a specific piece of media, led me to the narcissistic conclusion that the only username I would ever be satisfied with would be some sort of word/name I created myself. Since my first internet pseudonym was a joke (prior to my self-awareness that it was also a play on a slur), yet largely tied to me, I wanted to create a username that had a similar effect: short, bizarre, phonetically simple, in a memorable collection of letters.

It took me a while to come up with this, as you might assume.

And like many other things I make, it represents that I want to create things for myself, and from myself. Though I, like general existence, am not without influence from others, my desires lie in self-indulgence and fulfillment — things that I can feel proud of myself for making, more than anything.

"aroceu" is intentionally in all lowercase letters. I pronounce it as "ə-rō-su."

My general philosophy

when it comes to creating — websites, stories — is that no two results should be the same, or at least not try to be similar. Beyond that, each experience of everything I make should be unique, and different.

Of course, I'll reuse themes and ideas if I've tried them once and I know they work well. But even then, I try and slip in something new; I want to learn as much as I can with everything I do, be experimental with multiple styles and crafts. I do my best to experience as much as I can, when it comes to writing, designing — and, okay, life. Repetition and comfort zones are boring; it's much more fun to attempt everything you possibly can.

Beyond experiences, I achieve the most thrill through a challenge. I generally try to do as much as I can on my own; if given a task for a subject I'm passionate about creatively, I'll find a way to make it more difficult, more complex. I'm not learning, enjoying, or really creating until I give myself the highest expectations I can.

Don't worry — as much as this makes me sound like a workaholic, I give up pretty easily. I only become a workaholic when I'm trying to prove something to myself, which explains my bad habit of putting more effort into things I make for myself more than I do for others. You could say that I deserve my frequent self-imposed disappointments, if you really want to.

Writing and coding — including but not limited to webdesign — are very closely intertwined for me, both in how much I'd like to progress and how much I enjoy them. I have studied both academically; guess which one I'm getting a degree for.